Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Read all about it - illegal aliens at Gaelic Park

Unbelievable front page story today in the Irish Times. Someone in the GAA has really blown it - BIG TIME. The Irish Times isn't the only place to learn that the New York hurling team had a big win over the weekend, but might have trouble playing if the next match is in Ireland. This story is in every paper. And why can't the New York team travel? Because the team is, apparently, partly made up of illegal aliens.

The Irish Times reports that the GAA is considering holding the next round match in New York so that New York's players don't have to leave the US.

Well, duhh, hello! If I was on that team and an illegal alien I'd probably give the big June 4th game a miss and more than likely not show up at Gaelic Park for a long time. All this coverage is hardly likely to escape INS officials, is it? And, at a time when the immigration issue in the US has never been hotter. Only a dolt would have shouted out that we have illegals on the team and can't travel.