Friday, February 03, 2006

We're so grown up now

That's essentially the message that's been coming from Newstalk all week, now that Peter Stringfellow has opened a lap dancing club in Dublin. His club is 'classy'. Those local residents who've been objecting are nothing more than 'prudes'.

From my perspective, there are so many of these places here now - Do they outnumber pubs yet? - that another one hardly seems like a big deal. Yet, I am totally on the side of the residents. I'd be driven spare if a lap dancing club opened a few yards from my family home. No matter how 'classy' such an operation is, it's still sleazy.

Maybe the local residents should try emulating actor Stephen Baldwin, who vowed to 'destroy the lives' of the patrons of a sex shop that's due to open near his home in Nyack, NY.
Once the smut shop opens in a few months, the 39-year-old star of "The Usual Suspects" plans to photograph patrons' license plates and run their names in the local newspaper to shame them from ever returning.

"We're going to notch it up and notch it up until we run this guy out of business," Baldwin told The Post last night.
Of course, the residents near Stringfellow's will probably not have the same opportunity to photograph license plates, but I would think that photographing those who are coming and going should be possible.