Thursday, February 23, 2006

Half mast maple leafs

The Americans are having a bad Olympics. Most of the big names (in these minor sports) seem to be letting them down. The British have one medal, but they are now out of both curling competitions so this can't be a good Olympics for them either. The Japanese have ZERO medals, which is pretty poor for a nation that hosted the winter games only 8 years ago when they won 5 golds and 10 medals in total.

Until yesterday Canada was having a pretty good games. They're fifth in the medals table. But, yesterday the Canadian hockey team was knocked out of the tournament in the quarterfinals. No Canadian medal in hockey, a sport that is pretty close to their national religion. I don't even think the US losing in baseball would come close.

Now, hopefully, the National Hockey League will realize the folly of letting its players take part in the Olympics. Let the Olympics be for amateur players or those from minor leagues.

The only people having a worse Olympics than the Canadian hockey team are the Canadian and American television companies that are broadcasting the games.