Thursday, January 12, 2006

EWTN & Chorus

Cable company Chorus is going to add EWTN to its offering in 2006, according to this late December article in the Irish Examiner. The article claims the station will be available to 200,000 homes, which must mean it will not be on digital cable only.

I get EWTN as part of my digital cable package from NTL. However, I'd be pretty sure that the biggest audience for what EWTN offers would be among older people, few of whom I'd expect to have digital cable. Making it available through the analogue service is a good idea.

To be honest I don't watch EWTN all that often. It was great to have it last spring when John Paul II died and Benedict XVI was elected. EWTN's coverage was simply fantastic, but the past few months I've rarely tuned in to the channel other than for special occasions - World Youth Day & Christmas. It doesn't help matters that they have prime time programming in German with no subtitles, but some of the Church history programs I stumbled on to were really well done.