Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Bad day for George

We've all had bad days, but right now George Galloway is in the middle of what seems to be the 'mother of all bad days' - one lasting about 40 hours or so. Yesterday morning, a team from the British Serious Fraud Office returned from a trip to the US "with what a source close to US investigators calls 'thousands of documents'" relevant to the oil-for-food scandal. The SFO will be producing a report in 4 weeks, which may recommend criminal proceedings against Galloway (among others).

Then last night Galloway exploded at his fellow house mates in Celebrity Big Brother. After he settled down, he sulked, reading the Communist Manifesto. (I recommend reading the whole article here - I'm sure Karl Marx is rolling in his grave.)

Today, Galloway "faces ruin" if his previous victory over the Daily Telegraph in a libel suit is overturned. As well as having to return the £150,000 he won in the suit, he may have to pay the £2m in legal costs. And, to top all of that off, he will almost certainly be evicted from the Big Brother house tonight, after which he'll find out all the other things going on in his life, including the fact that he's now the subject of a fatwa issued by Omar Bakri Mohammad.

A few scotches might be in order tonight, George. Someone please keep him away from the gun cabinet.

UPDATE 11:30 - Galloway avoided "ruin" today, the Telegraph lost its appeal. Next up, avoiding eviction. And, a nice picture of Galloway with one of the indefatigable one's sons (Uday) was published today.