Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Americans is pretty dum

That's the conclusion of this pompous ass, Mr. Neal Starkman. It's the only explanation for President Bush's popularity. {Thanks to HipperCritical for this one.}

Of course, not quite as dumb as the Irish, it seems.

UPDATE (1:30pm): If Americans are "stupid" and can't "understand the phenomenon of cause and effect" as claimed by Mr. Starkman, maybe it's because for the past 40 years all sorts of educational "experts" have ruined American education through the implementation of all sorts of garbage theories. For example:
Helping students achieve means doing all that is possible to enable them to move toward better learning and higher standards, grades, and test scores. But getting to those academic goals requires more than reading, writing and arithmetic; building positive relationships, serving others, using decision-making skills, being motivated to learn, and developing a positive identity all contribute to young people's success in learning. This is the premise of a new book from Search Institute called Great Places to Learn: How Asset-Building Schools Help Students Succeed.
Interestingly, this book is written by a Mr. Neal Starkman, who apparently lives in Seattle! Could they be one and the same?