Tuesday, September 02, 2008

So, who's Sarah Palin?

We're all learning quickly who we think this woman is.

For me the best of what I could find included this article from Time's web site on Palin and Wasilla, AK and the first chapter from her biography that I mentioned in the comments below. My own take is that Sarah Palin is not really a modern woman. She's more like one of those tough frontier women who could do whatever it took to survive in a harsh environment. That includes killing animals.

It also includes accepting that life's tough and you just have to do your best. There are no guarantees. That means working hard. That means being adaptable. It also seems to mean that if your daughter is unmarried and pregnant at 17 then she's going to have be tough herself because she's 'not going to be mollycoddled by me'. Will she be a vote winner or loser? I think a winner, but we'll see.

{By the way, the NY Post is clearly the winner with the best angle on the Palin teen pregnancy story. The Post decided to give us a load of details on the baby's father, who played on the Wasilla High School hockey team. "Despite suffering a cracked bone in his shin last season, Johnston scored 24 goals in 24 games". How any of that could be at all relevant, I don't know, but it made laugh.}