Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Crisis of confidence

You think investors are jittery? You think there's unease in banking circles? You sense a little political uncertainty about the economy?

Well, those who play the market, extend credit or walk the halls of the Treasury Department are sailing on calm seas compared with Met fans today. (Don't believe me? Go to MetsBlog and read some of the comments).

Just as the Mets had fans dreaming of a redeeming October full of glory after an uplifting 2+ months during which they played great baseball and reclaimed 1st place the bottom has fallen out. The past ten days have been hell. Now they're looking into the abyss - again.

The sudden reversal of fortune combined with last year's late season meltdown has Met fans breakfasting on bowls of Diazepam after sleepless nights spent chomping Rolaids. Lunch and Dinner - if you dare to risk it - are strictly liquid at this stage.

Season ends Sunday.