Thursday, September 04, 2008

McCain knew

Will she remain on the ticket? I have no idea (and I didn't see her speech last night). Anyway, of all the questions that have arisen about Sarah Palin since last Friday the most important is: Did John McCain vet Palin properly before choosing her as his running mate?

The jury is still out on that one, but one thing that's clear is that McCain certainly knew Bristol Palin was pregnant before he introduced her mother as his running mate. I've read quite a few comments in the press and on blogs that suggested that McCain didn't know. However, pictures of McCain and Palin from last Friday were posted on Meghan McCain's blog and there's one picture that makes it obvious that Bristol is pregnant. There's simply no way that Meghan or Cindy McCain could have missed this. Even 'Nana' McCain could have clued her son in if he was in any doubt.

Well, at least this wasn't kept from McCain. I'm assuming that McCain just figured that nobody would want to have a go at a 17-year-old girl or even her mother for what is, unfortunately, a fairly common family experience. Which only begs the question: Is he really that naive?