Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Tar Heels & Hoosiers

I think the suddenly strong sun has fried my brain. I found it hard to read about today's primaries over the holiday weekend and I'm not so sure which way things will go today. My instinct is that Hillary will win in Indiana. North Carolina, however ...

I was expecting that Hillary might take that too, but her recent good run didn't seem to have enough momentum to give her the victory I thought might really push her to the front. Then it will be Obama. He doesn't need to win in NC, but a win there indicates that that he's weathered the storm. There probably aren't any other opportunities for Hillary to show that she's turned the tide.

If Hillary loses in Indiana it's over. Nothing left for her in that situation other than destroying Obama so that he loses in November and she can run again in 2012.

No, I think it'll be a split, which means the primaries will not finish the job. Team Clinton will then go into overdrive to woo a sufficient number of superdelegates to get the nomination. I'm not sure they'll succeed, but who better to play the carrot and stick game behind closed doors? I definitely wouldn't want to be a superdelegate; I bet a lot of them will head off on long, long summer holidays leaving their cell phones at home.