Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey look. It's Peter Sutherland.

Peter Sutherland. I'd forgotten about him. When was the last time he was in the news? Oh yeah, during the last EU treaty referendum. The pro-EU forces always call on Sutherland (and others) whenever they want to bully/intimidate/cajole the electorate into a Yes vote. Sutherland is more of the cajoling type, but you know it's referendum time when you hear the name Peter Sutherland in the news.

Sutherland is like so many of our ex-political big-wigs, some who's done very well out of the political opportunities that the EU offers. And, of course, there are many in today's political parties across the spectrum who would love the chance to show their stuff on the bigger stage. It's this blatant self-interest that always causes me to tune out the politicians when they start getting all huffy and hyperbolic during the EU referendums.