Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Labour Party's Joe Costello has criticized one of the groups campaigning against the Lisbon Treaty. Costello says the tactics used by COIR – I never heard of them – are 'alarmist'.
Coir, campaigning against the treaty, erected posters bearing messages such as "People died for your freedom – don't throw it all away". Another says "Lisbon: it will cost you more tax – less power".
Okay, maybe those slogans are a bit 'alarmist'. But, I wonder if Joe Costello will criticize any alarmism from the 'Yes' side in the treaty debate. Maybe he could have a word with the Minister for Finance?
"A no vote would be a step into isolation and would send an extraordinary signal. We should be at the vanguard of Europe and not turning our back on the project," he said.
What makes Lenihan's comments amusing is that he made his remarks to an audience of the American Chamber of Commerce. And you can infer from the Examiner's report that the members of the Chamber are at least concerned that a 'Yes' vote will open the door to changes in the tax regime here. It seems to me that the Chamber's members are sending a subtle signal that a 'No' – no changes necessary – would not be all that unwelcome.