Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maybe try a different pitch?

The Ireland Tourist Board is advertising during the Mets' radio broadcasts. The ads are pretty standard fare, but I think if the tourist board got creative they could come up with some great ads for use during Met games this season.

First of all, it's a little odd that the ads are so female oriented when I'm guessing that the audience for Mets baseball on the radio is predominantly male. And, given the Mets play so far this year, not just male but either hopelessly optimistic or masochistic. Maybe a bit of both.

Anyway, if I was going to advertise Ireland during Met games, I'd promote Ireland as a peaceful refuge, where news and conversation about the Mets is non-existent (so long as they don't run into me).

I'd try something like, "You know, in Ireland nobody cares that Delgado's not hitting or that Pelfrey can't get anyone out or that Perez is walking half the National League". Or maybe try, "Nothing else seems to be working, so we're going to try and get every Met fan to come to Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone. Everyone knows that's good luck". Or, "Instead of suffering through another two weeks of Met games, why not come to Ireland. Ireland has a long history of men flagellating themselves as part of spiritual, cleansing rituals". Or what if they show a couple of guys in a field on a rainy day singing "I'm gonna wash those Mets right out of my hair". Okay that last one probably doesn't work, but you get the idea.

Just trying to help out during these tough times for the Irish tourism industry.