Tuesday, October 23, 2007

So long Terrible Twins

I think I'm the only person in Ireland or anywhere outside Poland who is sad to see the Kaczynski twins on the wane. They made me laugh. I love the fact that they were the only EU leaders willing to publicly show that they didn't care for aspects of EU policy or the general drift towards a federal state.

The fact that "Europe" is "relieved" is disappointing. You just know what they really mean is that the EU leaders are relieved that those trouble-makers won't be around disturbing the planning and implementing of their federal super-state.

Maybe if I lived in Poland or came from Poland I'd have a different view. Obviously the Poles had had enough of them. The Polish economy has been growing rapidly, but possibly the government still was not doing enough to ensure that the growth was sustainable long-term and the people voted accordingly. Or maybe the Poles were tired of being bludgeoned by the European political and media elite who thought the Twins "strident, xenophobic" nationalists.

Regardless, we now have a new Polish PM, Donald Tusk, who is more amenable to the federal project. At least, his name will be easy to spell and pronounce.