Monday, October 01, 2007

Junk journalism

Last Friday the Irish Examiner provided readers with an article headlined "Revealed: Why we want to be like Europe, not the US". That caught my attention, so I clicked to read more and I learned
Irish people want to become more European and are highly critical of the US, its values and culture, a recent study found.

Like the British we see ourselves as an island off the continent of Europe, but have completely different attitudes to it.

The Irish are welcoming and eager to learn about the different European cultures while the British were described as "insular," feeling they have more in common with the US.

Many Irish hold anti-US views and dislike the influence of American culture, despite the strong links to the US and the emigrant communities. They see being part of Europe as a way of fighting American domination. "Anything which helps to stem the flow of American culture is worthwhile," said one Irish person.

Many no longer see western culture as something European, but associate the term with the US and globalisation.

One Irish person quoted in the report said: "I would immediately think of America when I hear of western culture, I think greed, oil, exploitation, colonialism and certain religious values. Americans tend to think the US is the world."
That's some strong stuff. I figured I'd like to read the full study, but the Examiner didn't say who'd conducted the research, how it was conducted nor provide any help in finding the full report.

What kind of reporting is that? I saw a new study that says the Irish Examiner is run by a group of Reavers, but I can't tell you who wrote the report or conducted the research. But, it exists. Trust me.

Again, I told you I'm grumpy.