Friday, May 18, 2007

Did Ryanair blunder?

Today's Guardian says that this latest promotion by Ryanair may come back to haunt them. According to the Guardian, Ryanair's web site crashed in the first few hours that their deals were on offer. {I had no trouble whatsoever}.

More importantly, the Guardian believes that Ryanair might have misjudged how customers would react to the promotion. The airline says, "There is no point in flying planes empty", but people may have bought many seats that they don't intend to use. One Guardian employee booked 48 flights with the intention of using only a few of those tickets.

I thought about this too. I half thought that I could buy a bunch of different trips and choose the one(s) I wanted to use. In the end I didn't bother.

It has also occurred to me that Ryanair may very well cancel all sorts of flights due to "technical difficulties" if their planes are mostly full of people who've only paid pennies for their flights. Maybe they could recoup their 'losses' by canceling some flights and forcing those who are flying cheaply to buy new, high-priced tickets.