Friday, May 11, 2007

Oh, those election leaflets

A couple of older gentlemen called to the door the other night. I'm here long enough to recognize Fianna Fail people on sight. I knew they were coming to seek my vote for Dick Roche.

They handed me a leaflet and I browsed through it right away and the assertion that he'd done a wonderful job ensuring our water quality is among the best in Europe caught my eye. "Hmmm", I said, "is our water better than in other EU countries? Bit of trouble in Galway, no"? ( - mentioned in the Buffalo News this week.) A staunch, if somewhat flabby defense of our beloved Minister followed.

Then the 'he gets things done for us' effort. "It's important to have a Minister from our area." After hearing that I asked if he was guaranteed a cabinet post in the next government. Of course not. Then I dumbfounded them when I speculated that there was little chance that the opposition would ignore Liz McManus if they won the election. "She'll surely get a cabinet post, no?" That elicited a sheepish, "I suppose" as they slinked away.

I'm getting into the election now. Bring on the Greens! And, while you're at it, send those Fine Gael people back to me.