Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Have I mentioned before that the Revenue Commissioners' web site is a joy to use? (Except, of course, for the fact that I have to pay money out of my pocket when I'm finished.) The web site is much easier to use than my bank's and it feels more secure too (whether that's a false security, I can't say).

Compared with the situation that prevailed a few years ago, things are infinitely better today. Now you can fill in your Form 11, complete it online and also use their 'calculator' to get a good idea as to what you owe. I remember in past years spending way too much time trying to estimate what I owed and still not being sure, which usually meant I overpaid by a large amount and then waited for my refund.

I'd love to do other peoples' taxes just so that I can enjoy using the ROS web site without having to endure the pain of having to actually part with any of my own money. If I was an accountant would I get to do this? Maybe I should take up some accounting classes just so I can file taxes on behalf of other people.