Monday, November 21, 2005

Message for Minister Callely

Tinted windows don't kill people, people do.

For the record, I really don't like blacked out windows in cars. I think they're ugly. I do, however, own a car with some windows blacked out. This is because when the car was for sale it was too good a deal to pass up even though I hated the dark windows. The car's an estate (station wagon) and the back window and two other small windows along the side at the back are darkened.

Thanks to the Minister I started taking note of people driving cars with blacked out windows yesterday. I saw seven and not one of them fit the description of "boy racer". Four were women of 35 or more years. Not one of the drivers I saw was a man under 25 years of age. As for the cars, three were people carriers, two were big Mercedes, one a SEAT (as is my own) and one was a small commercial car/van.

This idea is so stupid in so many ways that a blog post cannot really do it justice. I have no idea whether the tint can be removed, but if it can't - and the back window has the rear defrost wires on it too - then my car will be worthless next year.