Monday, November 07, 2005

A professional on Newstalk

Saturday morning I was listening to Newstalk106 . Karen Coleman was interviewing former NY Times journalist Cliff May.

I met Coleman when I was on her program last month. She was pleasant and courteous and listened to my 'right-wing, nut-job rantings' without cutting me off. Just as well because listening to her badgering May on Saturday I was pretty sure I wouldn't have stood up well under such an assault. May, however, was smooth, good-natured and totally at ease dealing with Coleman's interruptions and, well, grilling. My two appearances on the radio have given me the kind of insight that have always helped me to appreciate a major leaguer's ability to hit a curve ball for a base hit. I now know enough to appreciate the difference between the amateur and the professional.

UPDATE 8:30pm: Cliff posted his own take on his interview with Karen Coleman.