Thursday, November 03, 2005

'I want to be left alone'

I just heard on the radio that Julia Kushnir has released a statement through her solicitor. No mention of any libel action, but she is 'disgusted' by the coverage of the death of Liam Lawlor and the references to a prostitute. Mostly, she wants to be left alone by the media. Her statement indicates that she was working for Mr. Lawlor as a translator - no mention of legal adviser - and hopes to qualify as a lawyer next year (so, she is a law student, I guess).

Well, I can understand how the media is probably annoying her. However, I do not accept that she didn't know what sort of reputation Liam Lawlor had and why the media would be interested in anyone associated with him. And, if she's worked for Lawlor regularly (which this statement doesn't claim, but has to be the case seeing as she's met Mrs. Lawlor a number of times) she may well know more than she's comfortable knowing. And, she may want the media to leave her alone, but I don't think she necessarily has an automatic right to this when there are so many questions about Lawlor that still need to be answered.