Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wacky thoughts?

I've been hesitant about posting this one, but I figure it's the anniversary of the moon landings when the unthinkably impossible was accomplished, so . . .

What if the US and Iran are actually quite happily working together while putting up the pretense of being opposed to one another? I know it sounds wacky, but consider:
  • Iran is probably the most satisfied country in the region with Saddam's overthrow and this month an Iraqi minister traveled to Tehran and agreed to cooperate militarily with Iran, including the Iranian Army training for the Iraqi army.
  • Iran has a huge interest in a stable & just Iraq.
  • The US is now putting pressure on the Saudis to treat their citizens with greater dignity. Saudi has a sizeable Shi'a community, who the Saudis treat as second class, at best. So, in its dealings with Saudi Arabia the US is siding with Iran.
  • Both the US & Iran have a vested interest in preventing the Wahabbi inspired Taliban from regaining power in Afghanistan.
  • The rhetoric from both Iran and the US is much more formulaic and less heated than in the not so distant past.
The only big problem to my theory is Iran's nuclear ambitions. If those are quietly shelved then I think the US will live with Iran as is and stop pressing for regime change there.

The pretense is, of course, to keep the Saudis guessing.

Again, this could easily be a wacko notion that just floated through my head and now I can't shake it, but I put it out there as as 'just consider this' type possibility.