Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Spanish housework

This is almost too silly to mention, but from now on Spanish husbands are going to be legally bound to do half the housework. This is being done in the name of "equality".

Okay, fine. Equality. That means equality in defining 'housework' and what needs to be done. Ironing does not need to be done. It's optional. There's no health issue if your clothes are wrinkled.

Same goes for cleaning. If a man can live with a month's worth of dirt then why should he be legally bound to do half the vacuuming just because his wife wants the house vacuumed every two days? At most he should undertake to vacuum the house 6 times a year. Maybe he can tolerate using the same mug or glass a number of times before it's washed. Maybe he can get by with wearing the same clothes 3 or 4 times before putting them in the laundry, but maybe she can't stand that. How does the law decide what's necessary housework and what's over the top cleaning?

These are the type of issues best left to men and women to sort out for themselves. This is unnecessary state intrusion of the highest order. Even the BBC seems to realize this is ridiculous based on their report on the new law.

Of course, Patricia's contribution was invaluable:
"I don't like the new law at all," says Patricia, a schoolteacher. "I love macho men. They are more masculine and I don't care about doing some housework."