Monday, May 16, 2005

Moaning about prices

Listening to Fine Gael Deputy Leader Richard Bruton moaning about "rip-off" Ireland on the radio this morning. Why do radio stations even allow politicians on to talk about this type of thing? He first tried to blame "British multiples" for charging more here than in the UK and then said that people didn't have time to shop around to find lower prices.

Gimme a break. Sure prices here are high. Taxes are exorbitant and wages are high. And, if companies are charging a premium for those who are "too busy" to shop around what about it? It's not the business of government to help those who are "too busy" to shop around. If people can't be bothered saving their money I don't see why my tax money should be used to assist them.

I've never been able to fully explain it, but I've always thought that the basic logic of competition and economics are not grasped in Ireland as they are in the US. Not sure why that is. Complaining about the price of cups of coffee, etc. seems so silly. Just do not have coffee where it's too pricey. It's not that hard to avoid having a cup of expensive coffee when you're out.