Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Conservatives, not neo-conservatives

I really wish the media would give the label neo-conservative a rest. Today's Guardian has an article about the Brazilian government's decision to refuse an American government offer of $40m to help fight AIDS. The Brazilians didn't like some of the conditions attached to the funds. Fine by me. The Brazilians are well within their rights to refuse such aid and, similarly, the American government is acting within its rights by offering the money conditionally.

What bothers me is this sentence from the article:
Most US Aids funding goes directly to organisations working in the field and much will be channelled through faith organisations that back the no-abortion, pro-abstinence and anti-prostitution stance of the US neo-conservatives.
There's nothing "new" about conservatives espousing these positions.

I'm sure there are many so-called neo-conservatives who disagree with this policy.