Thursday, May 26, 2005

Disaster for the world

Nothing sums up the arrogance of those who are driving the EU project more than this comment from EU President Jean-Claude Juncker:
If there is a 'no' on Sunday in France, that would be a catastrophe for France, for [French president Jacques] Chirac and for the entire world.
A 'catastrophe' for Chirac, almost certainly. A 'catastrophe' for France? Well, I actually doubt it, but I'm sure there could be some serious repercussions. A 'catastrophe' for the "entire world"? Well, Mr. Juncker, I think you're slightly exaggerating there.

I'm sure it was a bad translation. What he meant to say is that a French 'No' on Sunday would be like the entire world crashing down on him. It will definitely be a 'catastrophe' for Mr. Juncker, although I suspect even he'll survive it.