Sunday, February 01, 2004

Snow no-show

Ahh, great. Someone is holding Met Eireann accountable for last week's snow-job. Met Eireann has admitted, "We over-predicted a bit. We over-estimated the amount of snow."

Of course, the Independent's Lara Bradley can't help herself in going over-the-top when she talks about last week's "bitter cold" and "blizzards". The meteorologist's definition of a blizzard is "A violent snowstorm with winds blowing at a minimum speed of 35 miles (56 kilometers) per hour and visibility of less than one-quarter mile (400 meters) for three hours." If anywhere in Ireland (other than some remote hill-tops) had endured that last week, I'm pretty sure it would have been on the news.

Chris noted that there is nothing that Met Eireann will not do to convince us that it's "freezing" cold.