Monday, February 02, 2004

President Match

I took the same President Match test that Jon & Dick took. However, there seems to be some flaw in the program because the first time my results indicated a 100% match with 5 candidates, including Bush & Sharpton. However, when I clicked to compare them and then back, the results looked more as I might have expected.

Bush — 100%
Lieberman — 52%
Clark — 36%
Edwards — 35%
Dean — 32%
Kerry — 30%
Sharpton — 26%
Kucinich — 11%

Funny enough, when I was looking a the "compare candidates" page, they listed Kerry as "somewhat opposes" the war in Iraq despite the fact he voted in favor of it in the fall of 2002. I also think that declaring the President "strongly favors" a constitutional gay marriage ban is overstating it. Andrew Sullivan would certainly not agree with that assessment.