Monday, April 16, 2007

Shock jock

I'm kind of surprised at how much coverage the Don Imus firing has received here. In fact, I can't believe anyone in Ireland (or Britain, for that matter) really cares. Yet, it was in quite a number of the papers over the past few days.

I never really liked Imus and I'm shedding no tears. His crude and cruel schtick was lost on me. I never considered him a political ally and was surprised to see him described as "right wing" by the Sunday Tribune. But, to be honest, I know next-to-nothing about his views because I never listened to his show - even when it was available to me every morning during the 80s. I have this half memory of hearing him referring to Bush and Cheney as traitors who should be hung, but maybe I'm mistaken.

I know he had a lot of good political guests and I've heard he is a good interviewer, but his unfunny, crude jokes were always a turn-off for me.