Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Rooting for the Rooneys

I've always kind of liked the Pittsburgh Steelers. Back when I was a kid, I couldn't have told you what it was that I liked about them - they weren't my team - but I generally rooted for them against "America's Team" and other more slickly run organizations. The Steelers were gritty, tough and winners.

Today's NY Times has a long feature on the family that has owned the Steelers since their inception. The article has convinced me that what I liked about the Steelers is down to the Rooney family and their values. There's just so much to like there.

And, for those who like to keep tabs on these things, Dan Rooney has done a lot for his ancestral hometown of Newry, Co. Down.

So, I'll be rooting for Pittsburgh to win the Super Bowl on Sunday (although I won't be staying up for it).