Monday, January 12, 2009

"Free Palestine"

I was in London on Saturday. My son & I spent a few hours at the Science Museum and found ourselves mingling with a lot of protesters on the train when the day was done. The protesters were returning from an anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian rally near to the Science Museum.

The train was packed and I found myself standing very near to a woman who'd been at the protest. She was about my age and she looked like she was comfortable enough materially. She was fairly well dressed and on her lapel she was wearing two buttons. One said "Stop Israel's War" (or something to that effect) and the other said "Free Palestine".

Now 'Stop the War' is a position I can understand even if I have a less definite opinion as to what's going on. However, I was dying to ask the woman what was the message of the "Free Palestine" button. To me that sounds awfully like something that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would say. I really wanted to ask her if she too believed that Israel should be "wiped off the map", but I didn't want to start something because I had my son with me. It bothered me all the way home, though.