Thursday, January 15, 2009

More support for Israel?

This article from the Christian Science Monitor is a week old, but even allowing for the passing of 7 days the thrust of this article caused me to do a double take. Basically Europe is less pro-Palestinian now than it was previously.
"There is a general 'Arab fatigue' in Europe," says Denis Bauchard, an adviser to the French Institute for International Relations in Paris. "The Palestine issue continues, the violence continues, the Palestinians are divided, and it just creates a kind of fatigue."

"Europe fears an Islamist threat, whether internal or external, and this has begun to change the overall views on the Israel-Palestine conflict," says Aude Signoles, an expert on Palestinian movements at the University of La RĂ©union in Madagascar.
The article is more about general trends and cites the Pew polls in France & Germany as evidence. I wonder if what's happening in Gaza will have any long term impact on these trends.

As for Ireland, even prior to the recent military actions in Gaza I hadn't sensed any change in attitudes here with regards to the Israelis & Palestinians. And, based on what I hear and read here I think it's pretty likely that anti-Israel attitudes have hardened here since the end of December.