Friday, January 16, 2009

I bought a few shares of Anglo last night

No, not on the market, but as a taxpayer. The Brians decided that I (& the rest of you suckers taxpayers) would like to own a piece of Anglo-Irish bank.

I'm pretty sure I heard Joan Burton this morning insist that the government tell us the names of those who owe the bank. That sounds pretty reasonable to me.

Now that we own the bank surely we should be told the gory details. I'm assuming that those who executed the transaction on our behalf already know the details, but I see no reason for them to keep it a secret. Let's have the names of those who owe large sums to Anglo-Irish. What harm can it do? And, it's not prurient for us to want to know who owes us money. I would never lend money to someone without at least getting their name first. So, who owes me (all of us)?