Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Pet project"

I absolutely loved this headline from yesterday's Irish Independent: "Greens' pet project to survive cutbacks".

It's a headline from an article by Sam Smyth.
The Government will blow €400,000 on a Green Party pet project, at a time when they are preparing to cut €500m from spending on essential public services.

The cabinet quietly approved purchasing carbon credits for government travel last week. The move was part of deal reached with the Greens during coalition negotiations following last year's general election.
"Blow €400,000", "pet project" - I love it.

Look, I don't care how much you might think carbon emissions are the primary cause of global warming (or whatever) this is a stupid program. If John Gormley wants to plant trees every time he flies that's fine, but he shouldn't be using our money to salve his conscience. He can plant his own trees. Better he cancel one (or more) flight(s) a year and get his fellow ministers to do the same. That would save money and 'the planet'.

You think the government should plant trees in Ireland? Fine. Provide the case that this is a good use of taxpayer's money and do it. Drop the nonsense.