Thursday, July 24, 2008

The EU can take credit

Less than a month ago the BBC reported that Radovan Karadzic was too well protected to be captured. I guess his protection melted away during July's heat. Hmm.

So what really happened? How can people's lives be at risk for reporting on a Karadzic sighting one moment and next thing he's found by police living as a new age healer?

I think credit has to go to one institution above all others and it's not the International War Crimes Tribunal. No, it's the EU.

It's easy to complain about the EU - and I'm prone to it myself - but to those Europeans who live outside the EU it is the candy behind the glass in the candy store. They can see all the goodness, but they can't have any of it. The EU is a tantalizing treat that those outside want to enjoy.

Two months ago the pro-EU parties were the surprising winners in Serbia's election. The people of Serbia were willing to swallow a lot of pride (loss of Kosovo) in order to be offered membership in the EU. However, accepting the loss of Kosovo wasn't enough. The EU also insisted that every effort be made to capture Karadzic and General Mladic.

The new Serbian President, Boris Tadic replaced the head of the Serbian police. And, I think that's what happened to cause Karadzic's protection to melt away.

The EU deserves a lot of credit for Karadzic's capture.