Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New York Yankees hate Irish people

Okay, maybe a little strong, but let's face it there are few people on the planet in greater need of sunblock than those who come from or whose blood lines originate in Ireland. And the Yankees have just banned sunblock. Well it's not quite a total ban. For $5 you can buy a 1oz. bottle from the Yankees. You just can't bring your own sunblock into the stadium.

So the Yankees have seen an opportunity to extort money from their fans of Irish (& obviously other) descent. That's all it is. Any fan afraid of a bad sunburn or possible skin cancer now MUST pay the Yankees $5 for what is NOT a cosmetic extra. It's a medical necessity for people who have skin like mine.

But, don't despair Yankee fans. You can take the hint and head across the Triboro where you can bring your own lunch, plastic bottles of water and sun block. No phony security excuses to stop you and your family having a good day. You can become Met fans.

UPDATE: Okay, the Yankees caved into the pressure and repealed the sunblock ban. Maybe some of their other stupid restrictions - cameras? I didn't know about that one - will also be lifted.