Monday, January 07, 2008


Sheesh. If you had asked me at any time from 2000 up to late 2006/early 2007 I would have said that there wasn't even a snowball's chance in hell that Hillary Clinton would ever be elected President. Then at some point between August and December I changed my mind so completely that I decided that she was nearly a shoo-in. Now? I don't know.

What I never anticipated is that any other candidate would be the media darling, but that's what Obama has become. I can't say that I see what it is that makes Obama so attractive to the media, but he sure is the darling. And, thanks to the farce in Iowa that has attained a severly inflated status, the press (especially in Britain and Ireland) seems just about ready to write off Clinton.

I think it's too soon for that, but the ridiculously condensed and early primary schedule doesn't allow much time for a methodical fight back. This week's not all that important either, so long as she can find the right buttons to push to bring Obama back to Earth. She has the money, but whether she's the campaigner she needs to be is now in doubt. I think Bill Clinton would wipe the floor with Obama, but that doesn't mean Hillary can or will.