Friday, January 25, 2008

EU Constitution - Part II

Ahhh, the EU Constitution. Remember that? It died, right? Well, ...

"Just when you thought it was safe to go back to camp", the Lisbon Treaty (Jason in a new mask) is coming to a theater near you.

Of course, nobody cares (other than Enda Kenny and he only cares because he wants to see what effect this referendum has on the government). Yes, it's important, it's about the future role of this country in Europe, it's zzzzzzzz. Nobody cares. Not really. There'll be some posters and for a few days some folks will get excited by this, but for the bulk of Irish people this just doesn't register. Interest in the US Presidential election is (and will be) far greater than this referendum (whenever it happens).

This is why they switched from trying to pass a new "Constitution", which was always going to generate a lot of interest, to simply calling this a Treaty. The word 'Treaty' is a turn-off.

I haven't read the Treaty and probably won't, but I'd like to imagine I will. I'll definitely read some of it.

So, I yesterday sent an e-mail to the Dublin office of the EU Parliament and they've promised to put a copy in the mail right away. In a few days I should have my very own copy of the Lisbon Treaty. In theory I'm going to take the time to compare it with the copy of EU Constitution I got three years ago.

You can ask the EU Parliament office for your own copy or you can download the treaty.