Monday, November 12, 2007

'I don't know anyone who likes Sarkozy'

That's the gist of yesterday's Sunday Herald column by Joanna Blythman.
The French have flirted with Sarkozy and allowed him to start tinkering with some of their most cherished institutions, but seeing the divisive and profoundly un-French reality of what they have elected, they are coming down to earth with a bump. His poll ratings are crashing after only six months in office. The queue of aggrieved citoyens mutinying over attacks on their pensions and similar now includes civil servants, transport workers, teachers, prison officers and magistrates.
Unless things have changed dramatically since November 3, I think Blythman is spending too much time in certain Paris cafes where she she encounters only the elite left and/or members of civil service unions. On November 3 the AP reported that "if they could do it over again, French voters would still elect energetic conservative Nicolas Sarkozy president. A poll released Saturday suggests French voters do not regret their choice, six reform-packed months after the elections".

And, today's [London] Times reports that "[s]ixty-nine per cent of the public told an Opinionway poll last week that Mr Sarkozy must persist in reform".

The only thing "crashing" is Blythman's credibility.