Thursday, November 29, 2007

Abolishing college fees

According to today's Irish Independent tuition fees should be reintroduced. This comes from a survey of "175 leaders in higher education, research centres, Government departments and agencies".

I was opposed to free tuition when it was introduced and I still think it's wrong. However, I've been paying so that others' children could avail of this largess and now that my children are approaching the age when I'll soon be able to put my snout in that trough there's talk of taking it away. {And, now that my children are beyond it I'm sure that free college will be replaced by free child care.}

That's the problem with all this government spending: it creates a level of dependency. My wife and I haven't exactly planned for the thousands of euros that will be required of us if free tuition is abolished. And, I doubt we're alone among parents of teenagers.