Friday, November 16, 2007

Chasing Fr. White

I'm sure Fr. White's not amused, but after the appalling news out of Omagh the past two days, I have to admit that this story makes me smile. It seems so ridiculous.

Apparently the secretary for Queen of Peace parish thought Fr. White was the cat's pyjamas. Fr. White, however, wasn't of a mind to reciprocate the secretary's feelings.
Fr White said he felt 'uncomfortable' when he received gifts from Ms O'Hehir, including a key ring he felt was inappropriate, due to what it depicted.

He said she also told him that she loved him and sent him Valentine's cards.
Now, what amuses me is that this is a Bray parish and I've seen Fr. White in action on many Sundays. He does not strike me as a "Father what a waste" that the women used to talk about in days past. And, by no means is he a dynamic or electrifying personality when he's on the altar.

Maybe one-on-one it's a different story, but from where I usually sit Fr. White comes across as a man whose greatest excitement is a cup of cocoa on a Friday night. I just can't get over the fact that this woman seems to have vacated her sanity over him.

{I hope he can forgive me for enjoying a small chuckle at his expense. This is the kind of story you need when the news is so dire elsewhere.}

UPDATE: I just re-read what I wrote and I want to amend it a bit. Like I said, I don't know Fr. White, but my impression of him is of a very nice, courteous, mild-mannered man. I can well imagine he was genuinely horrified by this woman's behavior. It's this perception that made this story amusing to me. And, the fact that Fr. White sent the woman to a psychologist because she was so smitten with him.