Friday, June 08, 2007

Stuck in traffic at 11pm.

About 11pm Wednesday night I was driving towards Donnybrook. No reason to expect traffic, right? Wrong. The N11 came to a dead stop in front of me. Every couple of minutes we crawled forward a bit. In the distance I could see flashing blue lights so I knew some form of emergency vehicle was there. Can't complain when you see that. I figured someone had probably been hurt.

But, no. There was no accident or fire or anything wrong whatsoever. I was delayed - 15 minutes at a minimum - because the police were holding the N11 so that people exiting a concert could get on their way with due haste. To say the least, I was not best pleased. I was still steaming yesterday morning when I read that it was a George Michael concert that all those people were coming from. GEORGE MICHAEL!

Initially I was willing to accept my time lost when I thought someone was seriously injured, but I was incensed when I realized I'd been delayed to facilitate people who are seriously afflicted.