Friday, June 15, 2007

Saint Trevor

Such integrity. Trevor Sargent is a martyr. If only there were more like him in Irish politics. Leccchhh.

Before the election Trevor Sargent said that he'd rather resign than lead the Green Party into government with Fianna Fail. Yesterday he resigned.

My skin crawled as I listened to Sargent on RTE yesterday. He's so sanctimonious, so pompous and so WRONG that I was embarrassed for him.

Maybe this plays well with those who vote Green and I'm sure there are those who see this act as almost heroic. As evidence, there's this from today's Irish Independent.
For me, the hero of this week is not Bertie Ahern but Trevor Sargent. He said he would not lead his party into coalition with FF. He has kept his word. He has struck a blow for standards in Irish democracy.
More embarrassment.

This deal with Fianna Fail did not happen in the face of Sargent's opposition, but due to his efforts. No matter how he tries to spin this, he LED THE GREEN PARTY INTO COALITION WITH FIANNA FAIL. He did this.

I have more respect for the Greens' Ciaran Cuffe, who, on May 28, wrote that a "deal with Fianna Fáil would be a deal with the devil". Maybe it is, but that's how politics works. You have to compromise and work with others - particularly when you're only a small, minority party.

Cuffe wrote that comment on his blog. I heard him answer a question about that remark by commenting that a blog is "more poetry than prose". Beautiful. So is a lot of campaign rhetoric, which Sargent should realize. I'm certain most of the public understands this. Sargent is cutting off his nose just to spite his face. I really hope most people see this for the grandstanding, pathetic silliness that it is.