Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Poles and their President

Yesterday the President of Poland said that he rejected that homosexuality could be "'freely promoted' and 'treated as one of several choices'". He then went on to say that if "homosexuality were to be promoted 'on a grand scale the human race would disappear'". Okay, so the President's views on homosexuality don't suit modern Ireland. Besides, his point is actually kind of silly, but he doesn't exercise any power over us - at least no more than the leaders of all the other EU countries - so no big deal, right?

No, apparently not. In response to the Polish President's remarks the Irish Independent today published what is the most negative opinion piece I've seen about any immigrant group in Ireland.
I have been personally abused and attacked by members of the Polish community. Myself and my partner walking down the street, we've had insults and we've had things thrown at us by the Poles.

I asked in the gay community after that and I was told it is a constant source of attack, vilification and abuse against Irish gay people. One of the gay bars is close to a Polish bar in Dublin - I'm not going to say which at this moment - and I understand that patrons going there are subject to abuse. They've made it hell on earth for young Polish gay people from their community.

The men who are outside the pubs and attacking people are ignorant and sexually very unsophisticated.
I'm not sure how the author so easily distinguishes between Poles, Russians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Ukrainians and all the other E. Europeans who live here now, but I'll assume he can.

He's basically claiming that the Poles are a race of Neanderthals whose views on homosexuality disqualify them for a place in Irish society. I'm actually stunned that the Independent published this column.