Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Going for a post-match dip

I didn't read all or even much of the coverage after Saturday's life-affirming VICTORY in rugby, but I hadn't heard anyone mention this little snippet that Fergus Finlay related in yesterday's Irish Examiner.
Those of us who normally walk dogs around the Forty Foot were all much too polite to ask what effect the sea had on a unique band of swimmers last Sunday morning. Paul O’Connell, Gordon D’Arcy, Shane Horgan and the rest of the Irish team all arrived in the team coach and, to the astonishment of the locals, most of them disrobed and dived in. One minute we were watching them play the match of their lives in Croke Park, and before we had even recovered from the sheer drama of it all, there they were, leaping into the coldest water in the western world like excited schoolboys.
I think if I'm following Finlay here, the team partook of the Forty Foot's delights in the manner of times past - minus clothes.

Ahhh victory.