Friday, September 08, 2006

Wireless in Blackrock

Okay, I know that loads of people have beaten me to this theme, but to me this is just so amazing. I'm sitting in my car outside a school in south County Dublin waiting for my daughter to finish her life guarding class. And, I'm listening to WFAN from New York (even though Mike & the Mad Dog get on my nerves, and they're talking about football - leccch).

When I first came to Ireland I used to look for one of the old style pay phones that only asked for money when you wanted to talk. With those phones I could call Sportsphone (212-976-1313 - still remember the number) every night for free. Now, twenty years later, I can sit in my car and listen to the radio from NY. I could, if I'd brought my microphone, call the US for free using SKYPE. Amazing.