Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bord Fáilte nightmare

On Wednesday I mentioned that Bord Fáilte was over the moon with Tiger's big catch from the River Liffey. What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday's sports talk shows in America were all about two Ryder Cup stories: (1) The fake nude pictures of Tiger Woods's wife published by Dubliner magazine and (2) the stormy weather.

Okay, the first story was just way overblown, but still these things leave an impression. I'm not sure I've ever seen an issue of Dubliner. They got a lot of attention with these stupid pictures. Of course, sports talk shows have to talk about something and this 'story' got their attention. {The reaction here has been ridiculous too. Everyone in Ireland seems to want to give Tiger a hug and beg his forgiveness for the behavior of a few 'adolescent' Irish people.}

The weather's another story, however. Sure it rains in Ireland. A lot of people in America would have a vague understanding of that, but the weather we've had the past few days is actually unusual for Ireland in September. Yet, I heard two prominent sports talk show hosts describe our recent hurricane conditions as 'normal for Ireland this time of year or any time of year really'. Oh boy.

If the weather clears up then that'll be fine for Bord Fáilte. But, if the weather becomes the main talking point, then all the ad campaigns will be useless compared to what people are seeing and hearing with their own eyes and ears. The possibility exists that the Ryder Cup will have a negative impact on tourism.