Monday, September 25, 2006

Clinton & al Qaeda

President Clinton reportedly went to town on a Fox News interviewer on Sunday when asked about his efforts to halt al Qaeda/kill Osama/what-have-you while he was President. I didn't see the interview, but from what I've read Clinton defended his record and accused others of claiming he only struck at al Qaeda in August 1998 to deflect attention from his 'Lewinsky troubles'.

I don't remember what was said or written about President Clinton in the US at the time nor do I know what the general mood in America was. I remember having a few "discussions" with people here where I defended the President's decision and tried to explain that the Wag the Dog premise was way more Hollywood than possible in real life.

My clearest memory was one of being a bit annoyed by things I read in the newspapers. I also remember that there were protests during President Clinton's visit in early September by the "Clinton Protest Committee" (scroll down), many of whom are still at it – full-time protest professionals. (And, no, for the 3,216th time – the protests, etc. didn't start with the Iraq War.)