Monday, April 03, 2006

Tom Tracy

Tom Tracy died on March 22. I only found out yesterday when I saw it in Chris Ryder's article in the Belfast Telegraph.

Tom was extremely generous when it came to the Newshound. During the late 90's Tom provided a substantial sum, which helped build up and sustain the Newshound, and he remained a devoted subscriber. He was committed to the Newshound. He always told me the Newshound was his home page and that he couldn't do without it. This was despite the fact I always had the feeling that he had read all the Irish & British papers by 6am (10pm in California).

And, it wasn't just money that Tom gave. He spent hours on the phone with me, meeting me when he was in Ireland, introducing me to other people with a view to assisting the Newshound. "What can I do to help?", was his constant refrain.

I'd like to say thank you to Tom. My prayers and sympathies are with his family. Tom's family have set up a web site where people can learn more about him and also leave a short message.

Here's the obituary from the Orange County Register.