Friday, April 14, 2006

Pile it Higher and Deeper

Some academics are just so full of, well, let's just say, nonsense. Here's Dr David Edelman, a business and finance lecturer from University College, Dublin:
"UCD has come to represent everything that the current incarnation of the US right wing stands for, from a loss of democracy, a complete rejection of human values in favour of the corporations, right down to stylistic details like ruthlessness, intimidation, cronyism, and reliance on spin.

"Could it be that, during a disastrous war [Iraq] which might be likened to Vietnam, extra precaution is being taken to ensure that nothing like the activism of that earlier time gets in the way of US strategic interests?

"Are the Irish people really that fond of George W Bush that they would wish for him to reinvent Ireland's largest university in his image?"
Now, let me get this straight. This man is a PhD, lectures in an Irish University (salary paid by the tax-payer) and he spouts this idiotic gibberish? And, yes, that's really what he's saying all because Erich Bloch is advising UCD on its restructuring and Bloch is also a director of the Washington Advisory Group and a member of President Bush's Council on Science and Technology.

The war in Iraq's going badly so Bush needs to keep a close eye on UCD for potential unrest? Yeah, sure that's it. And, ehh, Dr. Edelman, I got this bridge that I'm thinking about selling . . .

UPDATE: I've been thinking about this and Dr. Edelman has to have been speaking tongue in cheek, doesn't he? Surely the Independent just missed that, right?